Punching Shear in Foundation & Slab with 3D Animation

Punching Shear in Foundation & Slab with 3D Animation

The punching shear failure and punching shear mechanism in foundation and flat slab. Punching shear also known as two way shear. It is the shear failure of the structure members due to high concentrated loads or high localized forces. 

Punching shear failure is very dominant in Foundation and flat slabs. When the depth of footing is not according to the designed and is less than the load demands, so what happens that the load of upper floor on column pushes the column to punch into the footing and it creates the punching shear failure. 

To avoid such failure in footing, The depth of footing should be properly designed. Other punching shear is dominant in flat slabs. Flat slabs are those where column can support the all loads. So when loads from the slabs are coming, it pushes the slab downward while the column moves into the slab and causes the punching shear failure. So there are two types of remedies to be taken to avoid the punching shear in slabs, these are,
  • Column capital 
  • Drop panel. 
  • The 3D animation made in google sketchup.

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