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Thursday, December 20, 2018

How to import X Y Z coordinates from Excel to AutoCAD

In this video you will learn How to import X Y Z coordinates from excel to AutoCAD and also learn how to draw a 3D POLYLINE with multiple point coordinates data by just copy and paste.

you can import points in batch from excel to autocad. The details discussion in this video are given below:- 

I have taken some coordinates data consisting Easting, Northing and RL values. thne i applied a formula in excel. The formula is CONCATENATE which joins several texts in a single text string. 

To import points in autocad the easting northing and rl values that is x y z coordinates should be arranged followed by comma. for example x,y,z after creating x,y,z format I copied all x,y,z formatted data and then opened autocad and after choosing multiple points option i paste the data in autocad command bar. do not use POINT command use Multiple point command. after importing points I have shown how to draw 3D POLYLINE by using the coordinates data.

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