Design of Stair with Full Concept in AutoCAD

Design of Stair with Full Concept in AutoCAD

This question can be basic and you may know the answer, but it's always good to remember some elementary calculations that help us to streamline the design process. 

As we know, a staircase consists basically of a series of steps, which in turn consist of a tread (the horizontal part, where the foot will rest) and a riser (the vertical part). Although it can vary in its design, each step must also have one or more landings, handrails, and a small nosing. 

The latter protrudes from the tread over the lower step, allowing to increase its size without adding centimeters to the overall dimensions of the staircase. 

Check the effective formula developed by French architect Fran├žois Blondel, which allows you to determine the correct dimensions of a comfortable and efficient staircase according to its use.

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