What is the Different Types of Dams

What is the Different Types of Dams

This video shows the different types of dams. There are three main types of dams according to their functions, these are,
1.According to use 
2. According to Hydraulic Design 
3. According to material 
Each these dams are further classified into sub-types. 

1. According to use. 
  • Storage dam 
  • Diversion dam 
  • Detention dam 
2. According to Hydraulic design 
  • Overflow dam 
  • non overflow dam 
3. According to Material 
  • Rigid materials dam 
  • Gravity dams 
  • Buttress dams 
  • Arch dams
  • Steel dams 
  • Timber dams 
  • Non rigid material dam 
  • Earth dams 
  • Rock fill dams

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