Difference between Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement

Difference between Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement

This video shows the main differences between the flexible pavement and rigid pavement. There are two two types of pavements used in transportation projects, but which type of pavement should engineer choose while designing the project so it depends on various factors, like the durability of project, the cost of project and much more. 

In this video these difference are being highlighted in between the flexible and rigid pavement with detail. Some details are mentioned below, Flexible pavement life span is 15 years while rigid pavement have life span of 30 years. 

Flexible pavement have less intial cos but more maintenance cost, while rigid pavement have more intial cost and low maintenance cost. Flexible pavement have usually more thickness while rigid pavement have less thickness in comparison to flexible. 

Flexible pavement take less load in comparison to that of Rigid pavement. Repair work is easy in case of Flexible pavement, while not easy in rigid pavement.

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