Rebar / Reinforcement for Staircase - Installation of Steel Reinforcement

Rebar / Reinforcement for Staircase - Installation of Steel Reinforcement

Stair step is a civil structure utilized to simply moving up and down. It is known as staircase in the world of civil engineering. Placement and installation of staircase reinforcement is forever perplexing for construction workers. Here are the 20 steps for installation of rebar / reinforcement for staircase.

20 steps for installation of steel reinforcement:
  • 1. Unbending of extended steel bars from Plinth beam at early steps of staircase. 
  • 2. Marking of bar and spacing on stairway. 
  • 3. Alternate bending of extended bars from base at Plinth level (initial steps of staircase). 
  • 4. Splitting of alternate bars with the help of extra rebar 
  • 5. Arranging rebar at landing area – A criss cross pattern is set by the labor. The labor makes a check shape pattern.
  • 6. Tying of rebar at landing area – The labor binds the rebar with the utensils. 
  • 7. Tying of extended rebar at initial steps of staircase – Extended bars are bended by labors using instruments. 
  • 8. Arrangement and lapping of stairway rebar. 
  • 9. Tying of stairway rebar with distribution rebar. 10. Twisting of Stairway rebar at landing area. 
  • 11. Binding of rebar at landing area. The laborers tie the rebar. 
  • 12. Tying and twisting landing bar as tension bar (at stairway and landing junction). 
  • 13. Fixing of additional top distribution rebar and tying work by laborers. 
  • 14. Bending rebar – extended for next stairway element. 
  • 15. Preparation of spacing hook between extended bar to maintain constant space subsequent to bending.
  • 16. Twisting of extended bar as top (tension) rebar at early step of staircase. Laborers (with instruments) bend extended bars. 
  • 17. Binding of extended rebar with extra top distribution rebar at early step of staircase. 
  • 18. Design of chairs under top extended rebar at initial step of staircase. Then, some binding work by laborers. 
  • 19. Arrangement of cover block at several locations. 
  • 20. Installation of staircase rebar / reinforcement is finished.


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