How to measure the Reinforced Concrete Works

How to measure the Reinforced Concrete Works

Before you start any project you need to estimate the genuine construction costs that includes the fees of the contractor. And for this calculation, the measurement of reinforced concrete works likebeams, slab foundation, columns, and base foundations is really very important.

This article will guide you how to do the measurement and also the calculation of various reinforced concrete works. 
According to the Armor-plated Solid engineering study:
  • Four to five (the nearest two decimal places) could be the number. 
  • Columns, beams and plates should be calculated separately.
  • A few items’ cost such as steel support up to 0.1 square meters; pipeline / sheath having a cross section not exceed 100 sq. cm and drip molding, fillet,chamfer, bed, kickbacks or groove of a maximum length up to 10 cm. in the steel support would be ignored during the calculation.
How to calculate the volume of the concrete base:
  • Trapezoidal volume = H / 3 (A1 + A2 + SQRT (A1 + A2)) ;where A1 and A2 are the top and bottom rectangular area, H is the base depth. 
  • Therefore, the total volume = (rectangular volume + trapezoidal volume).
Measurement of RCC chromatographic column: For this, you need to start your measurement from the lowermost column starting from undergroundbase of the first floor up to the column tip of the topmost floor. Remember, column of the plate includes the flash of the column. 

Measurement of RCC beams: While measuring the beam one should consider the face of the column/beam and the bifurcation (if any). Depth of the beam means the whole area in between the bottom of the plate and the bottom of the beam (orfrom the top of the plate to the top of the beam). 

Measurement of RCC base: This calculation may vary as per the site conditions. As for example, it could be either from the top of the base to the top or bottom of the base beam. If you are emphasizing on the base of beam bottom during your measurement, you must consider the fact that the calculation must be from the bottom of the beam to the lower base plate. The height of the base can be raised up to the base / base beam level. Height need to be verified.

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