Factors Affecting Cost of Concrete Construction

Factors Affecting Cost of Concrete Construction

Factors Affecting Cost of Concrete Construction
Factors Affecting Cost of Concrete Construction
The cost of concrete construction is one of the important and major element while calculating the total cost of any project. The cost of concrete work is greatly influencing the total construction cost, so it is required to be estimated accurately. 
There are various parameters that influence the cost of concrete construction for instance grade of concrete, cost of materials like formworks, reinforcement steel, labors, finishing etc.

In addition, costs of these parameters are not constant but rather vary from one location to another one. Also, the material quality which also affects concrete construction cost.

Therefore, Because of above reason there are chances of overestimation of concrete construction. it may leads to overestimation in the total project cost and the owner would have to spend more money, or he/she probably makes a decision not to proceed with the project.

But, if the cost of concrete is underestimated, there would be several unexpected expenses during the construction stage. These over expenses affect the contractor, the owner, or both, in addition to substantial loses. So, it is very important to have adequate information about different variables and an item of concrete construction cost.

Parameters that Affect Cost of Concrete.

The cost of various parameters of concrete construction differs from one location to another one. There are many such parameters that needed to be considered which are being discussed below:
1.    Grade of Concrete
2.    Surface Preparation Cost
3.    Cost of Formwork
4.    Cost of Reinforcing Materials
5.    Concreting Cost
6.    Finishing Work Cost
7.    Cost of Hiring Engineers

1. Grade of Concrete:

The grade of concrete is a major item to consider is the cost of concrete whether it is readymix concrete or onsite mix concrete. Generally, concrete producer gives the cost of concrete after the project specifications and the job location are provided. The cost of concrete is supplied on per cubic meter.

It is a known fact that, the cost of concrete increases with the increase of concrete grade. The ready mix concrete Grade 25 price in Canada range from 182 to 200$ per cubic meter whereas the Grade 35 concrete price range from 202 to 217$. The traveling distance of truck mixers between the project site and the concrete plant would also influence concrete construction cost. As the distance increase, the cost would rise.

2. Surface Preparation Cost:

If concreting is done over the level ground surface, then the ground is required to prepare for concrete placement. This process involves the cost of grading, compaction, excavation, trenching, and other components. Extra work is needed to prepare the site.

And if ,the concrete is required to be done on a surface which is not leveled. In that case, the cost of surface preparation would be greater than previous case. This process involves excavation and filling with suitable material or removing a soft soil.
If filling process is needed, then the distance between the project and the borrowing material source affect preparation cost.

3. Cost of Formwork:

The formwork cost covers up a large quantity of the entire cost of concrete construction. There are some important details which should be known so as to be able to estimate the cost of formwork.

Consider following points while calculating cost of formwork, whether the form is rental or bought, the use of crane is needed or not, machines used to transport materials, re-using formwork material, and repair of forms after multiple utilization. Generally, the formwork is measured and priced in square meter of the concrete area. It also required to add the cost of working hours of labors shall be included. The labor wages varies ranges from 180 to 215$ per 2.6h in the United States.

4. Cost of Reinforcing Materials:

There are different types of steel reinforcements which are used to reinforce concrete like, steel bars, wire mesh, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bars, plastic mesh, and fiber added to concrete mixer to improve strength and crack resistance.

The reinforcing cost would vary based on the material type and size of reinforcement. The FRP bars cost is higher than steel reinforcement and larger diameter bars are costlier than small ones. Finally, Labour cost reinforcement installation is one of the major components of material cost.

5. Concreting Cost:

Concreting starts after formwork is fixed in positions and reinforcements are placed. The method used for concrete placement and equipment used for placement, spreading, and compacting concrete affect concrete costing, in addition to labor costs. Concrete may be pumped or ready mix  to the specified locations or mixed onsite and require other machinery to deliver fresh concrete to its final position.

6. Finishing Work Cost:

Concrete finishing can be done different ways. For example a smooth surface, exposed aggregate surface, or stamped concrete finish.
Some concrete surfaces may require only a strike-off and screed to proper contour and elevation, while other surfaces, a broomed, floated, or troweled finish may be specified. Lastly, the cost of any curing compound or testing services is also included in finish work cost.

7. Cost of Hiring Engineers:

Hiring of Engineers to supervise the project and make sure that the work is done in accordance with applicable codes and specifications. So, the payment provided to engineers for their service provided should be taken into considerations.

8. Contingency Cost:

Contingency cost must require while calculating cost of construction. No Construction work estimate is fully accurate and there is no guarantee for stoppage of concreting due to technical problems or natural events like rain. This cost must be added in the total cost of concrete construction and allocate certain quantity of money for contingency works. This amount is commonly fixed by experienced estimator based on their experience.
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