Types of foundation repair

Types of foundation repair

Before start on with types of foundation repair, any one may have the doubt, how to identify the foundation problems? 

For them, following are some of the reasons which may help to find the issues in foundation. Bumpy or descending floor which cause the floor to separate from its floor, cracks in the bricks or blocks of a wall, cracks in the ceiling decorations/ mouldings, swelling exposure of a part of wall or noticeable split or separation in a continuous wall, overlapping of cracked wall parts (commonly this crack can be seen on wall between the door frame and ceiling), cracks in steps / floor / floor tiles, can’t open or close the door / window properly and separation between door/ window frame & wall.
Now let’s consider what reasons may cause foundation distress

Contents of the soil, compression or expansion in soil, improperly compacted soil, natural disasters like earth quake, sudden exertion of artificial forces or poor maintenance can led the foundation structure to repair. Uneven movement among the soil layer after the settlement of foundation structure causes the damages as, the foundation structure rests on soil layer.Click here to continue read

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