Rama Setu - An Engineering Wonder of 5076 BCE

Rama Setu - An Engineering Wonder of 5076 BCE

Rama and his group are believed to have constructed this bridge beyond the seas to Lanka. Did Rama be real? Is Rama ancient? Although religion is a subject of belief, authenticity is a subject of subsistence. 
Well in the last 100 years huge progression have been made in knowing the past by means of contemporary scientific tools. Therefore, let us observe Ramayana from this new scientific standpoint and find out Rama was really factual and if definite dates can be assigned to him in contemporary English calendar. Ramayana is a geologically accurate text. 

Each location visited by Rama is now recognizable through authentic landmarks, honorary temples and local fictions. Mahabharata and Ramayana, the long-established chronological texts of India hold a lot of planetary visions as documented by the historians. 

As soon as we sort out these data and look for them by means of the planetarium software, it produces dates of when these compositions should have happened in the past.

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