Volume of Staircase and Concrete quantity for Staircase

Volume of Staircase and Concrete quantity for Staircase

How To Calculate Quantity Of Concrete and Volume of Staircase. Quantity of concrete in staircase and Volume of Staircase.
A staircase is an essential part of a building which is provided to make a path between two floors. 

A staircase has mainly two parts – Step and Landing. 

Step: A step is normally a triangular shaped part of a staircase which sits on an inclined slab (Waist slab). 
A step also has two parts – Riser and Tread. 

Riser: Riser is the vertical portion of steps. Normally, the height of a riser is 6 inches. Tread: It is the horizontal part of a step. The width of a tread is normally kept 10 inches. 

Landing: It is a horizontal slab which is provided in between the flights of a staircase. It is mainly provided for changing moving direction of a stair. It also gives users comport to climb. 

Flight: A staircase normally has two flights. One is below the landing and another is above the landing. The flight below the landing is called first flight and the flight above the landing is called 2nd flight.
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