Paint Quantity Calculations for wall

Paint Quantity Calculations for wall

How much paint or color needed for painting house walls. 
1 liter of paint can cover 5 to 10 square metre of wall area. To estimate correctly the amount of paint needed to be painted room, we should take into account a number of factors . 
1)The size of the room In the interiors of traditional cubic shape you should measure the length of all walls, and multiply the total by the height of the room. In addition, take measures of the ceilings separately. Since the ceiling is usually of different color from the walls, it is a good idea to carry out the calculation independently. Calculation is a little bit more complicated, when the room shape is varied or when we plan to paint the interior with a few colors. It is then recommended to plan carefully interior colors. Wall surfaces of another color should be calculated independently. 
2)The number of window and door holes After careful calculation of the wall area, you should subtract from the total the surface of windows and doors (this is usually about 10% of the total surface area of walls). Sometimes, however, the interiors in this respect deviate far from the standards. In the living room, of which a large proportion are windows, or in the corridor leading to the housing premises, where there are many doors, the surface of window and door holes must be accurately calculated and taken into account by subtracting from the area of the walls. In a similar way other wall claddings such as panellings, wallpapers, glazes and decorative structures must also be taken into account. 

3)Paint performance Having counted the walls surface it is easy to estimate the amount of paint needed. Simply divide the meters by performance given by the manufacturer on the packaging. If you plan to paint a double surface, the result must be, of course, multiplied by two. 
4)The way of painting An important factor which we should take into account in calculating the quantity of paint needed is the way of its application. When painting large areas use spraying method which saves significant quantities of the paint. 

Therefore while calculating the amount of paint you need to pay attention what kind of painting method the paint performance was given to so that you do not buy too much material. The right calculation of required paint is not difficult but very important, because it allows you not only properly estimate renovation costs but also save your time and money.

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