Different Types of Joints in welding

Different Types of Joints in welding

hello guys welcome back to engineering-society.com today our topic is about the types of the joints in welding as we connect the members in the civil engineering by 3 types of supports one is called the join one is called the bolt giant and one is called the welding giant.

So in this lecture I will explain and define the types of the joint and welding and which we will add the two member by welding so we are going to discuss these joints in this lecture.

So coming to the first one these are the five types I will explain one by one with the diagram so the first type of the joint and welding is the bird joint the butt joint so this is the type of the welding a joint in which we combine the two joints and plane 

For example this is one member and this is another member so we combine these two by welding we will just remember here by in one plane 
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