Concrete Damages Causes and Solution

Concrete Damages Causes and Solution

Learn the major reason and preventive actions for major deterioration in concrete during Pre-Construction, Construction & Post Construction Stage.
Here are a few typical concrete problems and their causes: 
Corrosion of reinforcing steel: Steel rebar is protected inside concrete because the concrete is very alkaline which prevents rust. But if there are chloride ions present, such as from deicing salts, the chloride destroys the "passivating layer" of alkalinity around the steel, allowing it to rust. Rust has greater volume than steel and the expansion presses against the concrete putting it in tension and causing it to crack and pop off. 

Chlorides get to the concrete through cracks or by simply penetrating through the concrete's pore structure. Freeze-thaw disintegration: Concrete is porous, so if water gets in and freezes it breaks off small flakes from the surface. Deicing salts make it worse. This is typically called scaling and it can occur during the first winter and get worse over time. When severe, it can lead to complete destruction of the concrete. Proper air entrainment completely prevents scaling.

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