Different Types Of Beams

Different Types Of Beams

Beams are usually horizontal structural members that carry or transfer loads levelly by their length to the supports wherein the loads are generally set into vertical forces. 
Beams are utilized for opposing bending moments, shear forces and vertical loads. 
Various types of beams can be categorized according to the type of support. 
The 4 distinct types of beams are: 
Simply Supported Beam: In case the beam ends are formed to rest directly or freely on supports beam, it is known as a simple or freely supported beam. 
Fixed Beam: In case a beam is set or fixed at both ends, it is known as fixed beam or built-in beam.
Cantilever Beam: In case one end is free end and the beam is fixed at other end, it is known as cantilever beam. 
Continuously Supported Beam: In case over 2 supports are offered to the beam, it is known as continuously supported beam. 
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