Top Three Cities Where Construction is Trending High

Top Three Cities Where Construction is Trending High

The construction industry is growing larger with time and it contributes a major part to a national economy. Nearly every country in the world is adopting the best methods and techniques to make a strong place in the field.

Every year, a construction report is prepared where a list of cities and countries are named that are climbing high in the industry. This year 3 names are leading the race with never-seen-before megaprojects. The name of the cities includes New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The content presents why these 3 cities get the status of the top construction places in the world. 

New York City: New York City for many is a dream place of the world. It stays ahead of others in every field. The place welcomes some outstanding projects that seem to be the wonders of the engineering. These projects are now under construction and include a superior level of engineering to meet the demand of the time. 

111 West 57th is the project that has stolen the attention of the large construction companies of the world. More than 1,400-foot high, this tower overlooking Central Park will be the ultimate place of luxury with stunning condominiums. 
As it is claimed, the complete project will be the ‘A new landmark on the Manhattan skyline.’

JK International Airport is another name that makes the city one of the fast booming places in the construction. This airport has all the advanced architectural and an engineering touch that is required to meet the modern needs. Connected to highways and transit systems, it proposes a one-of-a-kind project revealing the dreams of today’s engineering. 

New York City has also included a megaproject that will be used for both commercial and residential developments. Pacific Park gives places for 14 high-rise building that spread over a 22-acre project. The construction of the complete project is expected to be finished in 2025.

Chicago Construction: When it is about showing the greatest improvement in the construction, Chicago does not stay far behind. The projects the city has undertaken bring out the outstanding culture of the built environment. Each of them brings out the inside out of smart construction strategies. One Bennett Park is constructed with an aim to provide the tallest residential tower in Chicago city. 

As high as 843 foot, the giant building will be completed in 2018. Vista Tower is one of the major projects constructed in the Chicago city. It is said that the towering building is the first attempt to make such extraordinary project after the nemesis happened in 9/11. 

The 98 storied building will be the third tallest names in Chicago in 2019. McDonald’s has planned to move its corporate headquarter to Chicago and the proposed built area will make you spellbound. The building is being constructed over 500,000 sq. ft. area. It is expected to be finished in 2018.

Los Angeles Construction: Los Angeles Construction took an entry in the list as the city shows every symbol of a growing economy of the construction. With super-sizing construction projects, the city happily rides above in the industry. George Lucas has found a home for his dream project Lucas Museum of Narrative Art with a massive construction concept. 

A fine engineering has been planned to give this project a real look. The museum will present a new way of depicting things in a visual storytelling using narrative painting, illustration, photography, film, animation and digital art. Wilshire Grand Centre is another big project that enriches the construction of Los Angeles. It is a 73 storied skyscraper and happens to be the tallest building in the Western U.S. the area includes 889 rooms, luxury restaurants and state-of-the-art facilities. 

The project is expected to revive the cultural and economic background of Downtown in Los Angeles. Another groundbreaking project in L.A is NFL stadium planned by Ram’s. The look and engineering match the glitz of the city extravagantly. The design of the stadium witnesses the new-age architecture developed by New York based company HKS. 

A giant triangular structure will be placed and supported by thin columns. As per the plan, the football stadium will welcome as many as 80,000 spectators for enjoying sporting events. Construction industry as expected by marketers is growing to be the most profitable field among all. 

This is why countries across the world tap the booming market to enhance the economic perspective. These new mega projects not only keep the rank of the countries high but also enhance the lifestyle of these places.


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