About Grillage Foundation, its Meaning, Definition, Creation, Construction, Uses and Applications

About Grillage Foundation, its Meaning, Definition, Creation, Construction, Uses and Applications

Grillage foundation is a category of foundation generally utilized at the base of a pillar. It contains 1, 2 or extra layers of steel support beams overlapped on a tier of concrete, adjoining layers as positioned perpendicularly to one another, at the same time as all layers are covered in concrete. 

It is the highly inexpensive foundation in situations like shifting heavy loads from pillars to soil of low workload or bearing capacity. Meaning, definition, uses and applications of Grillage Foundation: Grillage foundations contains several tiers of beams generally placed perpendicularly to one another and utilized to distribute heavy point loads from the building or superstructure to a tolerable ground bearing capacity or pressure. 

The grillage beam can be present in any material; the very common is steel, hardened (precast) concrete or timber. In several permanent cases, though, where strange conditions prevail, for example, a great quantity of hard-wearing timber or the probable re-utilization of present rolled steel channel sections, the grillage can establish to be both useful and productive.

 In permanent circumstances, permanence or durability turns out to be a significant design aspect and preservation and/or the choice of appropriate materials is a main component of the design.

Grillage Foundation’s design: The outline or design of the grillage is conducted by computing the moments and loads used from the construction or superstructure and deciding the needed base area utilizing an appropriate tolerable ground bearing capacity or pressure for the situation concerned. From this region, the quantity and magnitude or dimension of every grillage tier can be determined. 

The tiers are then projected or designed to cantilever from the border of the tier over, which decides the beam dimensions needed to oppose the implemented bending moments and shear forces. 

In case the grillage is covered in concrete and the series and technique of construction and loading is in accordance with the design needs, the composite action of the concrete and beam can be used. Categories of Grillage Foundation: Generally there are 2 categories of grillage foundation in accordance with the kind of material utilized;
  1. Steel grillage foundation 
  2. Timber grillage foundation
Source: constructioncivilengineering.com, iamcivilengineer.com

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