How to Design of Single Column Footing

How to Design of Single Column Footing

This will instruct you with the comprehensive procedures for forming or designing a single square column footing. In this tutorial, an appropriate solution is offered to the subsequent problem:
Form a single column footing by using the subsequent measures:
  • Steel grade is equal to fy is equal to 60 Ksi 
  • Column is equal to 14’’ x 14’’ 
  • fc’ is equal to 4 ksi (for column) 
  • fc’ is equal to 3 ksi (for footing) 
  • (service dead load) sD.L is equal to 390 Kips
  • (service live load) sL.L is equal to 260 Kips 
  • Allowable Bearing capacity is equal to qa is equal to 6 ksf 5’ below the grade 
  • Unit weight of soil = 0.127 k/ft3
A footing refers to an extension of the bottom of a wall or column with the objective to spread the load on the upholding soil at a pressure fulfilling its characteristics. Footings are set for keeping the forces, functional loads, moments and the stimulated reactions and to ensure that any settlement which could occur should be fully alike and the safe bearing capacity of soil must not exceed.

To learn the design a single column footing, go through the following video tutorial.

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