Excel Sheet for Making Estimation of a Building

Excel Sheet for Making Estimation of a Building

The well-known civil engineer Waseem Raja offers a special construction video lesson for all the civil and construction engineering students. In the video tutorial, he concisely describes in what way to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create the estimation of a building along with bill of quantities.

The subsequent must be comprised in the estimation process of building: 
• Complete estimate of I-Wall
• Complete estimate of L-Wall 
• Complete estimate of T-Wall 
• Complete estimate of F-Wall 
• Complete estimate of E-Wall 
• Complete estimate of H-Wall 
• Complete estimate of U-Wall 
• Complete estimate of O-Wall 
• Complete estimate of D-Wall 
• Complete estimate of 2 rooms 
• Excavation work 
• Ratio of concrete work – 1:3:6 
• Brick work in base and foundation 
• Damp proof process 
• Brickwork in structure 
• Cement plastering 
• Whitewashing 
In the video tutorial, cross section and plan section are presented.
In plan section, the wall length is assumed 20 feet and breadth is assumed 9 inch or 0.75 feet. 

In this, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 is utilized to basically describe the cross section drawings of wall. To gather more information, go through the following video:


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