Detailed design steps involved in RCC lintel design

Detailed design steps involved in RCC lintel design

Now-a-days, the lintels of R.C.C are used frequently to the openings for doors, windows, etc. in a structure because of their strength, rigidity, fire resistance strength, cost-effectiveness and simple construction process. R.C.C. lintels are most effective for any extent. 

The width of lintel is equivalent to the width of wall. The prime reinforcement that is arranged at the bottom and half of these bars are cranked at the ends. 

There are shear stirrups to withstand transverse shear. 
Classification of design loads on lintel 
Self-weight or dead load of the lintel 
Dead load of the wall over the opening 
Dead load and live load transmitted from the roof or the floor which are supported by the wall over the opening. 
R.C.C boot lintels are arranged above cavity walls. 
These lintels can enhance the appearance of the building. 
Besides, they are cost effective. 
The steps involved in making RCC lintel design (single span or continuous with a few openings) are similar to the steps necessary for making the design of a simple beam.

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