Construction Steps of a House in India

Construction Steps of a House in India

Construction of a home begins with the formation of a sketch. Full sketch is produced which comprises pillars, foundations, together with the calculation of rooms. Prior to construction work begins, it is recommended to take all the things from ground and then clear the location through removing trees and then flatten the soil.

In terms of setting out, blueprint plan showing centre to centre distance is considered. Site to be excavated is noted and marked. Employing the excavation workers, soil is dug from the marked spot. The excavated position is cleaned by the workers. Then it is primed for utilizing the base concrete.

The concrete mixture is set on the land. 1 and a ½ inch metal are collected on the bowls and are brought into the mixture. M-sand is also collected in the bowl for combination. Cement is supplemented and water is included to the mixer sporadically in line with the water cement ratio. As a result the material of concrete is mixed consistently. 

Prior to placing the concrete, the excavation must be sprayed with water. In single mix, please make use of one bag of cement, 5 bowl of M-sand, and 7 bowls of 1 and ½ inch metal. Subsequent to appropriate rotation, the mix is discharged to the sheet offered on the ground. From there it is collected into the bowl utilizing the shower and transported by the laborer to the requisite place. Concrete is introduced in the pit or excavation. Then a worker enters the quarry and disperses the mix utilizing the hoe. It lasts equal to the level.

Then it is blocked properly and through this the base concrete is completed. The next structure of the foundation is the Reinforced Cement Concrete structure. Then, steel rods of dissimilar proportions are arranged in accordance with the blueprint or plan. It is split into appropriate length using steel cutting machine. Mat is furnished for the RCC works.
The following works include concrete work in foundation, damp proof course, construction work, roofing, plastering & marking, and finally setting up doors and windows. 
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