Asphalt calculation for new highways

Asphalt calculation for new highways

Consider the Asphalt quantity can be computed in volume or in weight. Generally, Asphalt is in tons or in cubic yard, tons, cubic meter or in cubic foot. 
Furthermore, for Asphalt computation, it is needed to keep the unit weight or density of compacted Asphalt from laboratory side or architect (designer). 
Here is an illustration, compute Asphalt for 50 m long road possessing 15 m breadth. 
Thickness is 15 cm. Utilize 2330 kg/m3 dense asphalt. 
The highway does not have camber. 
Answer - asphalt quantity = Volume = Length x Thickness X Breadth Layer Volume = 50 x 0.15 x 15 = 112.5 m3 asphalt Asphalt weight in tons:
Asphalt weight = Volume of layer (course) x asphalt density 
Weight of asphalt = 112.5 x mass/volume 
Weight of asphalt = 112.5 x 2330 = 262125 kg
Weight of asphalt in tons = 262125/1000 = 262.125 tons [1 ton = 1000 kg]



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