What is Development length: Shear And Bond

What is Development length: Shear And Bond

Lap length is the length of the overlap of bar required to safely transfer stress from one bar to another. Lap length is different in case of tension and compression zones and mainly depends on grade of concrete and steel . 

If two different dia bars are to be lapped,lap length is based on smaller dia . Development length is the length of the bar required to transfer stress from steel to concrete . 

According to IS456 ," the calculated tension or compression in any bar at any section shall be developed on each side of the section by an appropriate development length or by end anchorage or by a combination thereof". 

Anchorage length is provided if sufficient development length can not be able to be provided inside the support/fixed end . L value is generally considered as 8 times dia for a 90 degree bend while 6 times dia for a 135 degree bend and 4 times dia of bar for a 180 degree bend . In almost all cases, we use 90 degree bend.

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