Important Information for Quantity survey

Important Information for Quantity survey

In this article you are able to learn the Important Information for quantity surveyor, which are need at site and also for find out the quantity surveying for any structure in civil engineering.

Important Points to Find Estimation:

1: Study the drawing carefully in detail
2: you should write all the description of each item of work in the measurement sheet
3: Bar Bending schedule should be prepare for quantity survey.
4: In quantity survey we have to calculate the length of bar for each dia of steel like column beam , slab and footing etc.
5: Calculation of all times and materials should be write on the measurement sheet.
6: We have to draw the different column and row in excel sheet for Q>S
7: For find out the quantity of formwotk for slab m beam column and footing.
8: We should write the units of different words and item on the measurement sheet.
9: Prepare the PC1 for our quantity survey of any structure.’
10: Calculate the number of bars for different diameter and for components.
Note: If you are quantity surveyor the above information are keep in your mind because all these points are using to find the quantity survey. without these points if u find the quantity may be it will be make a problem for your project.


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