How to Read RCC drawings?

How to Read RCC drawings?

Here in this article I will discuss you the detail about Drawing study about the RCC works. after reading this article you will be able to know drawing study for RCC works and also you can find the weight of steel formula for steel calculation.

Learn Given Elements  for RCC Drawing Study

1: Study Length of every element
2: Study all Section of RCC drawing work.
3: Check the main bar and Distribution bar Spacing C/C
4: Find the Number of Bar ( Main Bars & Distribution Bars)
5: Types of Steel bars and their Specification.
6: Find the Lapping lenght for Compressive bars and Tension bars
7: Also check the Development length
8: Also find the cutting length of bars.
9: Check the Clear cover of any RCC structures like beam slab and column etc.
10: Check the column and beam clear span in detail.

Formula to Find the Weight of Steel:

Weight = D x D / 162  = kg/m  ,   Here D is Dia of steel in (mm)

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