I welcome you all to this calculation toolkit which is for several engineers structural engineers and geotechnical engineers so why we ...

Civil & Structural Engineering Spreadsheet Toolkit(contains more than 2000 calculation spreadsheets)

I welcome you all to this calculation toolkit which is for several engineers structural engineers and geotechnical engineers so why we developed this is because if you see the design calculations and computations which you use in civil engineering domain and structural engineering domain and other peripheral domain like for calculating beams for getting the bar bending details for scheduling the bar bending for designing a slab and for understanding the earthquake resistance capability of a building through spreadsheet calculations and maybe you are going for reinforcements details maybe you are going for pile design and various other calculations.

So that you do on daily basis so if you see our release for calculation toolkit it comprises of 2000 exclusive spreadsheet and which is available in us be protected license and you can use in your office or you can use in your home PCs so anywhere you can use unlimited use you can use through that USB and this is all in one spreadsheet which comprises of all the design calculation for the below domain that is civil engineers structural engineers and geotechnical engineers so if you see the USB kit that consists of different spreadsheet like the one below is shown here so let us start with the beam calculations and if you see the beam calculations there you can see the arthro standard the Indian Standard and the normal beam calculations and the beam analysis spreadsheet so all these are included inside this spreadsheet collection and here you can see the fixture and Tarson of single angle that may be for the steel or your structural steel that directly 

I will show you during my explanation and here you can see the light weight composite beam design the moving load calculation and reinforcement concrete analysis and design still connection design spreadsheets all these are included within the beam calculation next very challenging aspect is your design of structural members there you do the calculations like the analysis part bending schedules beam for the breach column and you need to extract the drawings due to the estimation that is very important the foundation design the hydraulic system loading pre-stress RCC assisted design retaining wall stairs slab and seismic design so all these you can find within this spreadsheet so more than 2,000 spreadsheet are collected and that is protected on the USB license that you can find here and next the civil engineering fundamental calculations which you do for all the structural section table beam poly elastic foundation analysis concrete design design of structural elements footing design and likewise for the RCC the stair design according to the DA standard and Indian standard also included so for different countries and different standard if you see this 2000 collection it cater to all the countries and in fact the Indian Standard and u.s. standard has been broadly considered and civil engineering most important calculations that you can find within this collection the ACI standards where you do the torsional design beam and column structural member rigid caps for the pile group bridge design analysis and board pile wall and ground anchors composite columns the rebar and RC element design to Indian Standards and pile design and almost all the design and you can see here the IBC and EVC code which you use internationally for seismic design that also considered and that is they are here and elastic the bearing design Korbel and concrete beam design so all are included with this civil engineering most important calculation stuff and this is again the rewiring and rectangular HSS and box shape members for the still design staircase design and sheet piling the retaining walls retaining wall design so every civil engineering structural engineering and geotechnical engineering calculations are within this spreadsheet and we are promising you that you will find everything which you expect on daily basis in your computation for finite element calculations also 2d frame beam analysis bolt connection and 3d design also you can do Petros also you can do the design in Fe M finite element calculations that is considered here and your technical spreadsheet here you can see the bearing capacity axial and lateral load piles which you need analysis of gabions he will get and penalties up shit pile wall you will get pile capacity calculations wall pressure analysis and all these are included within this and also the structural details which is the most engineers pain area that is considered and you do all the calculations on daily basis that you will get the load combinations or design of spirit footing design of plate elements shear friction and shear log WT design stage Ranger design so most of the calculations which you do that can be categorically kept under 100 spreadsheet but we have put our complete effort to collect all the design spreadsheet that is exclusive and premium in our complete range of collection and I will show you that how to use this in my explanation and demonstration here so inside your spreadsheet which you can find is this particular spreadsheet folder and within this you can find this six different folders like beams within beams you the different countries the design guidelines and code and you can use that moving load if you see that you can find here the moving load design how to do and that directly can be done through the spreadsheet and here you can see and you can get the final calculations output here so here you can go for the fixed in case of fixed how it is going to react maybe free pinned or maybe ruler at right side also accordingly you can make it arrangement and instantly will get the shear and moment diagram ready with respect to the calculations and here you can see the over the length how the deflection is varying a different point just like that here also you can find at the different point how they after this load but this load values that you can change the elastic modulus and you can update with a data here and you can instantly get the complete computation data here next I will show you about the other different module here you have compute collections for the beam you can see moment load you can find for the moment load also this for the moment load the complete design calculations you can compute here and this is the complete output which you are looking for and next I will show you couple of civil engineering spreadsheet which you use maybe the footing design you're looking for and here you have the complete range which you can use so you can have your complete footing design you can just go to enable content and here you can see the values which are specified and here you can see the complete output based on your informations so let us say the maximum load design I am looking for with the soil where the values I want to change so based on that you can see the compute computations are suggested here maybe with respect to 100 here you can say this is 171 so automatically it will suggest you for the isolated footing design whatever the structural design and punching shear and white beams here that you are designing with the reinforcement that all you can capture and you can estimate and you have complete range of RCC solutions where you can find the rebar slab table also so independently every factor is considered here and that you can directly use based on your requirement the details the weight graph and nodes that are categorically given here so which directly you can go to the print sheet you can directly print it and it will give you the PDF output based on a requirement and you can save this so this is the output which you can directly expect out of this and you can use produce the result based on the requirement so let me show you some other frequently used suits which you can take print all the output that also can use and just like that you have the civil engineering premium collections where you can get all the details pile design rebars if you want River here the details inside the Microsoft Word but here you can find the calculation development which you can see reinforcement bar size 6mm and based on that you can see it is suggesting what all is the detail of the result and River data here you will the complete details which can deliver sees you use that you will get per reverse also for other codes you have here that you can find and use so here you can see the suspect high risk area for low and high risk applications that you can use here at River data based on your input here the requirement that automatically it will suggest you so enclose with this nor yes that option also you can choose based on that you can specific lengths how it is varying if you were to know this updated just like that here also you can high seismic response yes or no that you can specify based on that it will update it and you can even change the bar size here you can see so these all calculations which are handy and on daily basis you use that you can get it here there is a complete range of analysis which you conduct and for finite element method also you have the truss and 2d frame analysis which you can directly use here the frequently used stuff which you find that ross that directly can be found here the grid data you can specify here and the road details will be exported here so you have to find the informations which you are looking for based on the instructions you can follow it and just like that you have for the geotechnical spreadsheet where you go for the analysis of lateral load piles that directly you can get it here complete range of calculations you can directly do it here which directly you want you can get the FM output here soil and pile details loads soil Springs force diagrams deflection diagrams bilateral capacity pile axial capacity and check and design finally and if you go to the design will get the complete details based on your reinforcement material check you can also directly go for it and you can check it so which is very handy and you use frequently so like this two thousand different pain area which you have on daily basis that is stored here and all informations like the earthquake or seismic design which you need to do that options you can get it here this basically for your structural details premium collections which is available both for steel and your reinforcement design for moment connections master design so you will get all the applications data here which you can compute and you can calculate the co G of the item based on your input and you can take the reference baseplate analysis enable content and directly you can see biaxial bending plasticine for comparison's which you are looking and here you can get the complete data on the required members so that competitions will be automatically done so like this say you have to find your required stop which you do maybe for the stage stranger design maybe for the shared log design so whatever you need so here complete mm stops are categorically kept inside this so which you use for your calculations purpose so hope this particular series of smart learning will be helpful to you thank you 


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