What Is The Meaning Of 53 Grade Cement?

What Is The Meaning Of 53 Grade Cement?

If you go for 53 grade cement, you will get compression strength of 53 mpa (mega pascals) in 28 days. 53 grade cement is available in ordinary mode as well as in special mode. If the initial strength is to be achieved very quickly, it is required to go for 53 grade cement. The construction pace will be very fast with 53 grade cement. It is used for fast setting. 

The strength attained in 7 days will be 27 mpa with 53 grade whereas the strength attained with 43 grade will be just 23 mpa in 7 days. The initial higher strength is the criteria with 53 grade OPC and it is commonly used for plastering works. It is used in RCC and pre-stressed concrete of higher grades. The cost of 53 grade cement is higher than 43 grade cement and it will be of the order of 2% to 3%. 
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