how to successfully start working in Germany as a foreign engineer

how to successfully start working in Germany as a foreign engineer

How to apply for a job in Germany as a foreign engineer

Welcome ladies and gentlemen my name is drawn 300 Regas I am the CEO of Rodriguez international consulting I am an international career coach and recruiter but I am also a Spanish engineer that has worked over 10 years in Germany based on his experience.

I will tell you today in this video how to successfully start working in Germany as a foreign engineer the static seas are promising there are over 60,000 job openings in Germany in year 2015 technology innovations such as internet among things self-driving cars or innovative production manufacturing methods are calling for high specialized engineers there for foreign engineers and more than welcome.

how to reach your goal of a start working in Germany as an engineer I will tell you five steps to reach your goal

  • first get information

  • second recognition of your qualifications

  • third was to search for a job

  • fourth an application process and fifth were to get further advice and support first step get information

Germany is a highly sought after country in Europe for engineers but every experience abroad should we made based on realistic expectations, therefore, I can only recommend you to reach as much as you can about Germany and its culture and check if it's a country where you and your family could imagine to live in once you have made this decision.

First I can only advise you to learn the German language it is much easier and quicker to make friends and acquaintances and make you feel at home please remember English is not enough.

Second step recognitions of qualifications getting your certifications recognized might be useful to work as an engineer in Germany however it is not mandatory this means that you can seek for a job as an engineer in Germany without having your title recognized however if you haven't done so you cannot use the German title of engineer without having this official recognition to start with you could just as a university to get a supplement of your diploma where it is stated which studies you have made and in English language. watch this video to learn more...Good luck.


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