Simple 2 Bedroom floor Plan with Roof Deck

Simple 2 Bedroom floor Plan with Roof Deck

This simple 2 bedroom floor plan with roof deck is having a total floor area of 75 square meters of the main floor not including the roof deck area. This can be built in a lot with 156 square meter area. 
Additionally if you aim for a single detached house the lot with should be 12 meters at least ensuring that there will be 1.5 meters setback of both sides. With 3 meters setback at the front and 2 meters at the rear, a 13 meters depth is required to achieve the setbacks.
The color scheme for the house are off white for most of the walls, the parapet wall at the roof deck is light brown with white linings, mouldings on windows are also light brown and some dark colored bricks on the columns on the porch area.
Looking at the floor plan below, the porch is use also as a garage as you can see in the perspective. The roof of the porch and sit-out area is a reinforced concrete slab. The sit-out is elevated to 3 steps which is approximately 450 mm and 150 mm per step. 
This level includes the main floor inside. living and dining area are situated at the middle portion of the house separated by wood column balustrades. 

The left side potion of the house is occupied by the bedroom having 3 meters by 3.30 meters in size and an en-suit toilet and bath suitable as a master’s bedroom. Built-in cabinets can also be added in this room to complete.

The right side of the house consists of the common bedroom, kitchen and stair access going to the roof deck. The common toilet and bath is located underneath the stair landing. This simple 2 bedroom floor plan with roof deck is suitable for small families and earns just enough. This may be a small design but it can also be regarded as a complete house for most of us.

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