Waterproofing concrete

Waterproofing concrete

For certain types of works like water storage tanks, reservoirs, basement walls, roofs, swimming pools, sewage units, etc. the impermeability of concrete is absolutely essential. 
In general, it can be stated that if concrete is made dense and free from cracks, it is watertight. The dense concrete can be obtained by closely adhering the following essentials: 
  • Using a hight class Portland cement of guaranteed quality. 
  • Taking extreme care to adopt correct grading and proportioning of the sand, aggregate and cement. 
  • Using clean and non-porous aggregate. 
  • Mixing thoroughly to the right consistency using the right amount of water. 
  • Placing, tamping and curing carefully. 
  • Making use of suitable water-proofing compound.

The cement concrete to a certain extent may be made impermeable to the water by using hydrophobic cement. All the flat roofs in the modern age are generally constructed of R.C.C. It becomes necessary to give some treatment of waterproofing to such roofs.


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