Camber & its types

Camber & its types

We have seen almost all highways being raised in the middle portion of the road surface with respect to the edges. This cross slope in the transverse direction is called as the Camber (or Cant). It is generally provided with the sole purpose of draining the rain water from the road surface towards the edges. 
Other objectives of providing camber are: 
1-Protection of the road surface, especially for gravel and bituminous roads by draining the unwanted water as quickly as possible. 

2-Protection of the subgrade by providing good drainage conditions. 

3-For safety considerations, as wet pavement conditions are quite undesirable from safe driving point of view. 

The cross-section shape of the transverse or cross slope can be curved, straight or a combination of both. The central part of the road which is raised is called the crown.

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