Coupling Beam Design Based on ACI 318-05 / IBC 2006

Coupling Beam Design Based on ACI 318-05 / IBC 2006

Reinforced concrete (RC) shear walls connected by coupling beams form an efficient structural system for tall buildings to resist earthquake loads. 

Understanding the load-deformation characteristics of coupling beams is essential to modeling the overall system responses of coupled walls to seismic loading. 

Using new test data presented in a companion paper, modeling studies are performed to evaluate the effectiveness of current modeling approaches with respect to key parameters, including effective elastic stiffness, deformation capacity, and residual strength. 

Modeling approaches commonly employed in engineering practice are investigated and are shown to reasonably capture measured force-versus-deformation behavior. 

The impact of the test specimen scale factor is reviewed and shown to be potentially significant on the member effective bending stiffness and deformation capacity. 

The modeling studies are expanded to include beam aspect ratios not considered in the test program to develop modeling parameters for use in seismic rehabilitation and performance-based seismic design.

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