10 Terms You Should Know Before Reading the Floor Plan Of a Buildings

10 Terms You Should Know Before Reading the Floor Plan Of a Buildings

Hi, If you want to be a good civil engineer, you must have knowledge to read the drawings. A good drawing conveys all the details of structure. Before Implementing the drawing on the site, knowing all the detailed which is mentioned in the drawing is quite crucial.

By Knowing all the parameters, this article explained about the different types of areas which is available in the floor plan drawing such as plot area, circulatory area, setback area, Built up area, carpet area ,ground coverage, open area.

By reading this articles all the confusion will be cleared.

1. Plot Area: The area which is enclosed or bounded by the wall or boundary wall is called plot area. In simple Language, plot area is defined as the land which owner (person) purchase for infrastructure development such buildings, factory etc.

2. Built Up Area/ Plinth Area: Built up area or plinth area is the total building area. Built up area includes carpet area, thickness of wall and balcony.
Built Up area Calculation Built up area is calculated from the thickness of wall and carpet area. 
Built up area = carpet area +balcony+ thickness of wall
Note: Built up area is 10% more than carpet area.

3. Carpet Area: The area which does not include the wall thickness, circulatory area , washroom area , Kitchen area, Pantry area etc. In simple, carpet area is the in which carpet is laid. It is also called useable area. 
Carpet area = Floor Area - (wall thickness + washroom area + kitchen area + pantry area etc.)

4. Super Built up area: Super Built up area is the total built up area plus common anilities buildings such as
  • Security area 
  • Corridor area 
  • Lift area 
  • Parking area
  • Garden area 
  • Swimming area 
  • Carpet area
Note: Super Built up Area is 30 to 45% more than carpet area.

5. Setback Area: Set back area is the excludes the built up area from plot area. In simple the empty space which is around the building area. 
Setback area = Plot area - built up area

6. Circulatory Area: This Circulatory area is used for walking or movement of persons such circulatory area are staircase , corridor, porch ,lift etc. 
Note: Circulatory area covers 25 % area of plinth area.

7. Floor Area: It is the space in which building occupies.It Covers 15-20% of total Floor area. 

8. Total Built Up area: Total Built up area means covers all the floor of the buildings. 

9. Floor area Ratio: Floor area ration is the ratio of total covered area of all the floors divided by plot area and multiplied with 100.
Floor Area ratio = (total covered area of all the floor / plot area) x 100. 

10. Open Area: Open area is the area where ground coverage is subtracted from plot area. Ground coverage is area where road area, paved areas, landscapes area etc. is subtracted from plot area. In simple, Open area= Plot area – Ground Coverage 

I hope you have gained information regarding plot area, setback area, open area, floor area ratio etc. If you like this articles please share with others.

Article source: civilfieldwork

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