What is the difference between breast wall and retaining wall?

What is the difference between breast wall and retaining wall?

[1] Breast wall and Retaining wall structure stand off to protect a freshly cut or old surface of a natural hill face.

[2] Breast wall and Retaining wall structure prevent of hill slides under the action of weather and rain water flowing over hills slope. Retaining wall is provided to the downside of the road while breast wall uphill side of the road in hilly area. 

[3] Impact of snow,avalanches, land slides and surcharge are not considered in the design of Breast wall while in retaining wall all those factors are considered. 

[4] Height of breast wall shall not exceed 3 meter and for retaining wall we did not have such type of criteria. 

[5] Breast wall are not required to be constructed where back mass comprises of rocks or stable strata deposit of soil mass and for protecting the unstable soil mass we need retaining wall. 

[6] Retaining wall used for support artificial cutting or slope while breast wall used to support natural slope. 

[7] Design of retaining of wall capable to resist uplift pressure force and hydro static pressure for developed while breast wall is used to transfer the load.

Location: Breast walls are constructed on hill side and retaining walls are constructed on valley side of road . Look at this drawing.

Breast walls are designed keeping in view surcharge loading whereas retaining walls don't bear earth above the its top level . Slope and base width . 

Base width for a breast wall is required more than a same height of retaining wall due to the surcharge loading

Chances in overturn of breast wall are more than a retaining wall .

Reference: quora.com

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