Quality management systems in concrete construction should be the essential part of the construction project. Quality management system is nothing but a set of documents that provides detailed guidelines on quality management of concrete construction. It establishes systematic way of setting quality processes and roles and responsibilities and improving quality.

Need of quality management system: 

Quality of concrete construction depends on many factors. From the selection of construction materials to the curing of the structural member, each and every step must be carried to maintain the quality requirement of the project. Any deviation from the required quality may result in failure of the structure or may impose penalty on the contractor for not maintaining the quality. 

Quality of concrete construction includes steps for maintaining the required strength of concrete within the deviation permitted and construction of a durable structure. 

A concrete member may have the required strength just after the construction, but if it not compacted well, the surface may be porous, and corrosion of reinforcement starts which reduces the life span of the structure. So, durability should also be an important part of the construction management system.

The documents prepared for quality management of concrete construction should have step by step procedure for all the activities to be carried out during concrete construction. The standard document should also contain testing procedures for construction materials such as cement, sand, coarse aggregates and admixtures if required. 

The testing procedures for concrete during construction such as workability test. The quality management system should have checklist for formwork, reinforcement, embedments, etc during construction stage.

Benefits of Concrete Quality Management Systems: 

1. Quality of construction activities will be tracked by quality management documents and becomes a record for future reference. 2. Quality management system improves perception of customers towards company due to credible quality personnel and quality practices. 
3. Good quality construction reduces the wastage of materials, smooth function of the team and keeps the construction cost within the limit. 
4. It improve job-site concrete handling, curing, sampling and testing procedures to reduce potential liability to the company. 
5. Minimize cost of repair and maintenance of the structure after construction due to quality works. 
6. It opens the area of improvement for quality construction rationally based on the documents from previous projects.

Source: theconstructor.org

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