Design of pile cap foundation

Design of pile cap foundation

It typically shapes component of the base of a structure, normally a multi-story structure, construction or bearing foundation for weighty furnishings. The shed solid pile cap disperses the burden of the structure into the pyramids. A parallel structure to a pile cap is a construction, which is a solid base floor laying without deviation onto yielding ground which may be accountable to falling in.
  • As per Indian Standard 2911 (Part I/ Sec 3) -2010, the pile cap can be created by supposing. 
  • that the burden from column is distributed at 45° from the peak of the cap up to the central. 
  • Deepness of the pile cap from the foundation of the column or pedestal. 
  •  piles can as well be used to be dispersed at 45° from the margin of the pile, up to the 
  • Central deepness of the pile cap. 
  • On account of the utmost bending moment and shear 
  • Forces must be effective at important sections.


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